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Is Sierra Pacific Industries “green” SFI certification “greenwashing”?

Is Sierra Pacific Industries’ clearcutting under the so called “green” SFI certification “greenwashing”?  You decide. Sierra Pacific Industries claims that their clearcut logging methods are environmentally friendly and sustainable and proudly stands behind their SFI forest certification.  Last week,  however, according … Continue reading

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Major new developments reward good forestry and logging

In the last few months several major companies announced they are choosing only Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood products to sell in their retail outlets.
Other less stringent certifications, identified as “greenwashing” by environmental organizations, allow clear cutting timber and other actions harmful to habitat and watersheds.
Those practices are unacceptable to achieve FSC certification.The organization’s standard for “green” products were developed by scientists independent of large timber corporations.

Companies and consumers that want wood products produced in an environmentally sound manner will not buy wood products from logging corporations that devastate habitat, watersheds, climate and wildlife. That means wood products from companies like Sierra Pacific Industry (SPI) no longer will be purchased by these corporations. Continue reading

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