Our Mission

Protecting Our Forests

The mission of Ebbetts Pass Forest Watch is to protect, promote, and restore healthy forests and watersheds to maintain the quality of life in the Sierra Nevada. Ebbetts Pass Forest Watch supports responsible forest management and logging methods.

Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI), the single largest landowner in California with 1.7 million acres, is planning to clearcut or near clearcut and convert approximately 1.2 million acres from natural forests into tree plantations. Clearcutting and forest conversion is underway. In Calaveras County alone, SPI owns approximately 48% of the forested property above the 3,500-foot elevation. SPI has filed documents showing it intends to clearcut two-thirds of this forest. In the Summer of 2000, SPI obtained permission from the California Department of Forestry to begin clear-cutting 884 acres in the San Antonio Creek watershed near the Calaveras Big Trees State Park. The clear-cuts were completed by 2002. Since then SPI has continued clear-cutting next to Big Trees State Park.

Isn’t it time we stop clearcutting California and return to responsible logging methods? If you want to help please Donate or contact us at EPFW@goldrush.com if you want to help us in various volunteer activities. You can also call us on 209-795-8260 and leave us a message and we will contact you regarding your interest in helping. Find out what is happening in other areas regarding clearcutting in California! Visit www.cserc.org, www.sierraforestlegacy.org, www.stopclearcuttingcalifornia.org, and www.forestsforever.org.

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