Pesticide use in Calaveras County forested watersheds

Calaveras County4White Pines Lake Watershed6









Pesticides (including herbicides and poisons for rodents) are used by industrial logging companies in our forested watersheds throughout California.  These toxic chemicals primarily are used in clearcutting and industrial tree plantations vs. selection harvesting.

Companies like Sierra Pacific Industries use these chemicals to destroy native plants and prevent small mammals from chewing on small trees. This summer EPFW was fortunate to have some help and developed these maps showing chemical use in the forested watersheds of Calaveras county As you can see on these maps these forested areas contain small and larger streams that then flow  throughout our watersheds.

Clearcutting and industrial tree plantations pose threats to climate change, water and snowmelt and wildlife and native plants.  Isn’t it time we demand logging practices that provide us with healthy real forests that are resilient to climate change, drought, beetle and provide functioning ecosystems?.

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