Two new ways to tell California to stop clearcutting our forests!

Make  your views known about forest and ecosystem destruction! Join others in demanding an end to the widespread clearcutting of our forests.  Help us get thousands of petitions signed.

  • Throughout California’s iconic Sierra Nevada, Sierra Pacific Industries is clearcutting forests, destroying wildlife habitat, and contributing to climate change. State officials can stop the destruction, but they need to know you care.
  • Unfortunately, the story of “The Lorax” is coming true in California’s forests today.

Please join us in calling on Governor Jerry Brown to stop clearcutting in the Sierra and the rest of California today. Here are two great petitions you can sign!

Petition 1: Please sign the petition to Governor Jerry Brown, which says: “Massive clearcutting in the Sierra and Cascades is destroying wildlife habitat, threatening water quality, replacing diverse forests with highly flammable tree farms and contributing to climate change. Please act today to stop clearcutting in California’s forests.”
Click linkhere to sign the petition:

Petition 2: Tell Governor Brown to Speak for the Trees! – Sign the Sierra Club Petition to Stop Clearcutting California’s Forests.

California’s forests and streams are under attack. We are calling for forest guardians LIKE YOU to fight back!It’s time to make clearcutting a thing of the past or our water, cliimate, and wildlife will not last! California’s forests provide 80 percent of our state’s water supplies. As the lungs of the Earth, they are our first line of defense against climate change.

Help us generate 10,000 signatures to make forest protection a priority for the Governor’s administration. Click link here to sign the petition





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