Clearcutting continues in Tuolumne County

You can see what has already been clearcut on a satellite map made for EPFW at (For more information on the specific clearcutting logging projects mentioned here view this pdf.)

  • Sierra Pacific Industries is currently clearcutting in the Tuolumne Game Refuge and in the watersheds of Beaver Creek, which flow through Calaveras Big Trees State Park.  This is in the SPI logging plan called Cow Camp – SPI will use clearcut type logging on a total of 249 acres  in this State Game Refuge.  They will use various herbicides to prevent native plants from growing back.
  • Grizzly Meadow logging plan – involves 35 acres of selection logging, 47 acres of clearcutting, and 545 acres of “alternative visual retention” even-age treatments closely resembling clearcutting. Out of 628 acres designated for logging treatments in this Griswold Creek watershed, 592 acres of those acres are outside the stream corridor and are planned for aggressive removal of everything except, at most, 4-8 trees per acre.
  • Granite logging plan, located near Cherry Lake in Tuolumne County, would allow 443 acres of selection logging, but also 165 acres of clear-cutting, and 154 acres of Alternative Prescription (Visual Retention), for a total of 319 acres of clearcut-like logging treatments.
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